Monday, May 18, 2009

Thinking Digital: from newspapers to blogging to Twitter - and back again

SPEAKERS at the Thinking Digital conference in Newcastle this week have covered a diverse range of subjects: from Twitter to how to save the world's problems via technology.
One panel covered the blogging phenomenon - where former blogger Stowe Boyd deemed blogging outdated - and another was from Newsweek writer Dan Lyons, who shared some controversial opinions on newspapers, "I don't see the point. They are dead. They are in denial."
Lyons was singing the praises of blogging during his panel, as he met with success whilst blogging as 'Fake Steve Jobs'. However Boyd, during the panel on blogging, stated that the "heat and dyanmism of blogging is gone", and pointed towards the rise of social networks - citing Twitter as a prime example. Conversely, although there were pro-Twitter panelists during the Twitter session, Lyons was cynical about its "pre-revenue" status and labeled it as one of the first companies to be hurt by the economic downturn.
There seemed to be a circle of opinions going around during these three panels. Perhaps the best conclusion to come to is that it is too early to write off newspapers, blogs or Twitter? Or maybe it is time to question the idea that they are mutually exclusive? Could the way forward for newspapers be further along the road many have begun to take, combining the new technologies with their traditional journalism and moving forward after the troubles of the economic crisis are gone?


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