Friday, May 1, 2009

Innovations in Newspapers 2009: Murdoch stresses developing readers' trust

IN the new Innovations in Newspapers 2009 World Report, Rupert Murdoch said newspapers will succeed depending on the relationships they develop with their readers, regardless of how news is delivered. The Innovation International Media Consulting Group released the annual survey today (27 April) for the World Association of Newspapers.
"Our success will still depend on the bond of trust between readers and our content, not on how many platforms we use," said Murdoch, noting that the report depicts the state of the news media and how it is being reinvented in the digital age, "I believe newspapers have a wonderful future."
However Murdoch articulates that the real enemy of newspapers is not "competition from new technology, it is the complacency in our industry among people who have enjoyed monopolies, who have to compete for an audience they once took for granted, who don't trust their audiences and who have not responded constructively to challenges from readers who no longer think editors are omnipotent oracles."
Murdoch stresses that gaining the trust of readers will empower papers whether print or online. He says, "Our role is to give our readers great journalism and great judgment." John Temple, ex editor, president and publisher of the Rocky Mountain News, similarly said last week that journalism schools need to create storytellers, and not necessarily digital gurus. With the Internet, there is a definite increased stress on speed and quantity and many argue that there is a decrease in quality. To Murdoch and Temple, the crucial point to remember is that good journalism is what will carry on the industry.

Source: WAN press release

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