Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top Newspapers from 1990 See Circ. Drop Alarmingly

OF the top 25 daily newspapers in 1990 - the year newspaper employment peaked and the last year before circulation declines really began to trend downward - 20 have declined, and one was shut down.
Only a few, including USA Today (up more than 60%), The Wall Street Journal (up 8%), the New York Post (up 22%) and The Arizona Republic (up 9%), have grown in circulation more than a couple of percentage points, AdAge reports.
The Arizona Republic’s growth can be attributed in large part to the state’s population growth. The newspaper has also focused on Sundays where the most ad revenue is to be found. Other keys to the newspaper’s success include raising home delivery prices all week and dropping circulation in outlying areas.
The Houston Chronicle was up slightly less than 1.5%. The rest saw alarming circulation drops, with 14 of the papers dropping 30% or more. The Rocky Mountain News was shuttered completely.
Meanwhile, a number of newspapers and newspaper companies - including the Journal Register Co. and Tribune Co. - have filed for bankruptcy.

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