Monday, July 19, 2010

NEWSPAPER ABCs: Tabloids enjoy World Cup lift in June

The Daily Mirror disclosed an average net circulation of 1,248,919 in June, trumping its previous year high in March, according to the latest round of ABCs figures. Its circulation was up 0.87% on May.
The Sun, likewise, had a good month and its average net circulation of 2,979,999, up 1.5% on May, represented its third highest circulation of the year.
The gulf between The Sun and The Daily Mirror remains seismic and Richard Desmond's fast rising rival The Daily Star failed to gain grown on its two rivals in June.
The Daily's Star’s circulation dipped 1.57% to 809,992. However Desmond has instigated a cover price-drop from 20p to 10p in July in an effort to rocket its circulation towards the one million mark.
The Daily Mirror and The Daily Star suffered in excess of 6% drops on the year, more precipitous than The Sun which was down 1.6% on the year.
The extensive World Cup coverage in the national press failed to provide relief for the quality sector in June.
The Daily Telegraph recorded an average net circulation of 681,322, down 2.45% on May, and its lowest circulation of the year. It also fell a staggering 18.45% on the year.
The Times was down 2.28% to an average net circulation of 503,642, indicating that copy sales of its printed issue have not benefited from consumers now having to register before accessing its online content.
The Guardian suffered the biggest month-on-month fall across all the London-based national daily titles, falling 4.74% to a net circulation of 286,220.
The Independent, in line with its quality rivals, fell 3.79% to an average net circulation of 187,135.
Across the mid-market, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express nudged up slightly from May. The Daily Mail up 0.10% to 2,092,643 and Desmond’s Express also up 0.10% to 664,627.

Source: Brandrepublic

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