Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More publishers launch iPad apps: Financial Times and La Repubblica

As the iPad's European debut nears, more publishers are preparing their applications for Apple's much anticipated tablet computing device.
Italian daily La Repubblica announced that it is launching its "very first version" of its iPad application in advance of the device's release in Italy, "for the sake of the many Repubblica readers in the US and elsewhere who already have an iPad." The application is free to download for this first phase. Later versions will contain "many new elements and functions" on an interface which will provide "still more important surprises." The paper already has a subscription-based iPhone app.
The Financial Times is planning an imminent app launch, reported last week. The app will be free to download, said, but the same subscription tiers that exist online and for its other mobile apps will be in place for access to content. It will be customizable by region.
The app is designed to look like the newspaper, and has horizontally scrolling columns. It will also have an HD video section. There will be no links out or comments, according to The iPad will reach parts of Europe, Asia and Australia on May 28, and has been selling well in the US so far, according to reports in recent weeks. Several news organisations have rushed to create applications, although as Alan Mutter recently noted, user rankings of the apps have so far been "middling" and there seems to be room for improvement.

Source: La Repubblica,

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