Tuesday, May 18, 2010

iPad to hit Australia by end of May

The device, which includes an e-reader application through its integration with Apple's iBooks online store, is being touted by some as a 'print-killer' due to its ability to deliver printed content such as books and catalogues digitally.
Apple has said it will have the devices ordered through its store in the hands of customers before 28 May, adding that it will ship its full range of iPad accessories before that date.
The iPad ranges in price in Australia from $629 to $1,049 including GST. The starting price is about 11% more than its US retail price, but cheaper than in some of the other eight countries where it will be released on 28 May. New Zealand will not have access to the device until July.
Telstra has become the first Australian carrier to offer a 3G data plan for the iPad, which starts at $20 for a gigabyte of traffic a month.
The vendor's iBooks application will be made available as a free download to Australian customers.
Apple said it has sold more than a million iPads, 12 million apps and 1.5 million e-books since the device was released in the US last month.
Printing and publishing companies such as Blue Star and Geon got their first look at the iPad at an event in Sydney last week.
Mark Mina, business development manager for mail at Geon, told ProPrint that the creation of a new marketing channel "will come at the expense of some printing".
Book printers expressed concern to ProPrint earlier this year that the iPad could increase the popularity of e-books and hurt print, while catalogue printers are also said to be under threat from the new device.

Source: ProPrint

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