Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UK: Sales woe continues for quality dailies

ALL the national quality daily newspapers recorded month-on-month and year-on-year sales falls in December.
The Independent simultaneously recorded the smallest month-on-month decline and the biggest year-on-year fall in the quality daily market last month, according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations figures published today.
In December its headline circulation included 43,854 copies on average each day distributed overseas.
The paper's circulation was 200,242, down 12.33% year on year, but only 0.43% down compared with November. Just 115,496 copies of the Independent – 58% of total circulation – were sold at full rate in the UK.
The Times remained just above the 600,000 mark – by 962 copies – with a 3.36% fall from November and a 2.33% decline year on year.
News International's quality daily distributed 23,301 copies overseas and had a full-rate UK circulation of 398,031, 66% of its headlines December sales figure.
The Daily Telegraph fell just 1.35% compared with November, from 835,497 to 824,244 copies sold each day on average. But this was a 5.64% decline year on year from 873,523 in December 2007.
The Daily Telegraph's full rate circulation in the UK was 355,394 in December – just 43% of its total sale. The paper's overseas distribution was 40,081.
The Guardian, which is published along with MediaGuardian.co.uk by Guardian News & Media, had a circulation of 343,010 in December.
This was 4.29% down compared with November and 2.95% less than December 2007. 81% of the Guardian's circulation was at full-price, the highest in the quality daily market.
The Guardian distributed 38,510 copies overseas and had a full rate circulation in the UK of 273,885.
The Financial Times recorded a circulation of 435,319 in December, 2.94% down compared with November and 2.23% down year on year.
Last month the Financial Times had a full-rate circulation in the UK of 77,205. 134,318 copies were circulated in the US, 126,071 in Europe and 39,756 in Asia.
Last month, the Guardian distributed 14,372 bulk copies – copies sold to hotels, airlines and gyms for a nominal fee and given away to customers.
The Independent's bulk sales were 35,575 in December, the Daily Telegraph distributed 98,336 across the month with the Times distributing 55,569.

Source: The Guardiaon

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