Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Times raises weekday price to 90p

NEWS International today increased the cover price of the weekday edition of the Times by 10p to 90p.
The Times ran a small story on page 2 of its Saturday paper this week telling readers about the planned changes; another article explained that the price rise was being made against a background of rising newsprint costs and the economic downturn.
Its price rise means the paper is again the same price as the Daily Telegraph, which is published by Telegraph Media Group.
The Guardian, published by Guardian News & Media which also publishes, remains 80p, while Independent News & Media's weekday Independent costs £1.
Among the other quality papers, the Financial Times remains £1.80, while the Saturday edition of the Times remains £1.50 and the Sunday Times £2.
The move follows the Times taking the unusual step of raising its cover price to 80p in September to match the cost of the Telegraph for the first time since the price wars of the mid-1990s.
However, later that month the Telegraph raised its weekday price to 90p; the Times has now again moved to match the price of its rival.
"It gives us no pleasure to ask readers to pay more in what will be a tough year for so many people, but I am afraid it was inevitable against the background of the economic downturn and the ever-rising cost of newsprint," wrote columnist Sally Baker, in the feedback section of the Times on Saturday.
In July last year, the Times launched a free home delivery service through which readers within the M25 could order the daily and the Sunday Times. The move followed a full-colour relaunch of the paper in June


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