Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Singapore: Citizen journalism platform Stomp launches mobile portal

Singapore's citizen journalism media platform Stomp announces that it is launching a new mobile Internet portal that will allow users to access articles, post forum threads and look at photographs from social events. The portal will be updated daily and is divided into three sections: Singapore Seen, TalkBack and Club Stomp.
"People living in this fastpaced country want to access news and information anywhere, at a convenient time to them," said regular Stomp user Nicklaus Tan. "Stomp's new mobile portal not only allows users to access the site at their own convenience, it also encourages people to get more involved in citizen journalism."

Singapore Seen provides photos and video sent by citizen reporters while TalkBack offers the ability to post threads and communicate with users. Meanwhile, Club Stomp features updates and information on the country's clubbing scene.

The portal is latest project by Singapore's The Straits Times New Media Unit, after it launched the country's first online TV service, RazorTV, in August 2008.

Source: AsiaOne Digital

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