Friday, December 12, 2008

Report finds newspapers should reduce print frequency

A new Deloitte report says the "impossible" market for newspapers and magazines will make one in 10 newspapers "either shut, move online only or cut publication frequency by more than half."
Paid Content speculates that the most recent and heavy round of layoffs in the UK will not be enough to save the industry--instead, the report says, "publishers should reduce print frequency."
The switch to online-only, according to Paid Content, will not be profitable. Even the "most successful of online print counterparts" is not making enough money to sustain the business.
According to the Financial Times online, "If online-only cannot be made to work financially, a newspaper's online presence may need to be reduced significantly to encourage people back to the physical product," which is exactly opposite the current trend, Paid Content reports.

Source: Paid Content

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