Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Apple: More Than Two Million iPads Sold

Apple continues to sell iPads at a rapid pace, breaking the two million mark the same weekend the device debuted in the UK, Canada and seven other countries for at least $1 billion in sales. The company is bragging that it took less than 60 days to sell that many but that claim is skewed by pre-orders that were made weeks before the iPad actually went on sale in the U.S. April 3. Still, it’s an impressive number for a new device, especially one that starts at $499. For those keeping track, it took 28 days for Apple to claim one million sales; by comparison, it took 74 days to sell one million iPhones.

Unlike earlier milestone announcements, Apple left out other data some of us are interested in—like the number of app downloads and the number of downloads from the iBookstore. This time, all the company said is that there are more than 5,000 new iPad apps—the same number it offered on May 3. That’s about 2.5 percent of the 200,000-plus apps approved for the iTunes store. It’s not clear if it includes iPhone apps optimized for iPad as opposed to iPhone apps that will run on iPad Steve Jobs may well offers some more details, as has often been his custom, when he appears at WWDC with what is expected to be a launch date for the iPhone 4G.
Second question: What would the sales number be if Apple kept iPads in supply across the U.S.? And how fast would the iPhone break one million if Apple announced a Verizon version?


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