Thursday, September 10, 2009

Power of Print Conference: redefining newspaper format

For two of the speakers at the Power of Print Conference in Barcelona, completely new approaches - and publications - were the required missing element of the newspaper industry. Peter Vandevanter, vice president of Targeted Products spoke about his company's personalised newspapers - for which he has coined the term 'Individuated'.
Readers receive home delivery of their 'Individuated' newspaper on the days they're free to read it, and personalised 'I-News' delivered digitally on the days they're not. 'I-News' is also available in a printable format for readers that choose to print it, alongside coupons for coffee or other products they ask for - an advertiser's dream! Vandevanter said that advertising rates for the I-product are ten times print advertising rates.
Martim Avillez Figueiredo, publisher and editor in chief of new Portugese publication I described how it "deconstructs the newspaper and rebuilds something different." He explained that "the idea is not to build a new daily paper but to try to build a new media brand."
I differs from traditional newspapers in a variety of ways, most noticeably its layout. Steering away from separating the publication into sections such as politics, sports and economy, I is instead divided into sections that follow people's reading patterns. It opens with editorial and opinion in the first section, small news summaries in the second, in-depth articles for the third and a 'mélange' of news including sport for the fourth.
Both methods are new takes on a printed newspaper, and contradict declarations of the "death of the newspaper", which Gavin O'Reilly, president of the World Association of Newspapers and CEO of Independent News and Media described as "misleading" in the conference's opening speech. Whilst these two new projects cannot single-handedly turn the industry around, they are representative of the kind of innovation that it requires to move forward.

Source: World Association of Newspapers Press Release

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