Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Malaysian Think About Politics

POWERED by PULSE, a recent online survey commissioned by Marketing magazine reveals some interesting insights about what Malaysians think with regards to Malaysian politics.

Do see any hope for change in the Malaysian political landscape as seen happening in the US recently?

66% of Malaysians were upbeat that there was hope for change in the Malaysian political landscape in line with events that were happening around the globe, especially in the US.

Do you believe the power of digital media (Web 2.0 tools, blogs, Twitter, websites, sms, Facebook) is effective in changing people's perceptions of national issues?

A thumping 95% said that Digital Media had a key role in changing people's perceptions on national issues, and beyond.

When asked what were their main sources of daily news, they cited Newspapers (20%), Television (20%), Online newspapers (19%), Blogs (14%), Radio (13%), Word of Mouth (10%), RSS updates (3%) and Twitter 2%.


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